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Friday, August 24, 2012

First Day of School

First Day of School                                
It's here again, the school year begins. For us here in Florida it started August 20th. How about where you live? Did you get the long list of supplies weeks before, or are you a last minute shopper? Wal-Mart was packed here the night before. Then the big morning is here! Do you have a child who went or is going to their very first day of school? PreK or Kindergarten?  If you have funny first day, or week, stories, we would love to hear them.
Well, my son started PreK this year. He has never been in day care and only family babysat him if I had to go somewhere without him, so this is new to him. Granted it is only three hours a day. I had to start slow, for my sake of course. He has been excited about going for months now. Aunt Sarah even took him school clothes shopping, and his aunts from NY sent him supplies.  So that added to the excitement. He would tell any random person everywhere we went, “I’m going to school”.  So the morning came, and while eating breakfast he, choking back the tears, whispered, “I don’t want to go”.  We, my husband and I, kept the excitement level up though, “Why not its going to be fun, you can color, and do puzzles, and meet new friends, and play outside, you’ll say to us ‘I don’t want to leave’ when we come pick you up”. It worked, he felt better. I definitely suggest keeping positive.  We get to the school, we took his picture, gave him hugs, he saw the kids there,  the teacher welcomed him into the class, and he walked right in and didn’t look back, no tears from him. I didn’t even cry which was a bit of a surprise, but I feel comfortable with the teacher and school, and know he loves to learn, that he will enjoy his few hours a day there. When we picked him up he was happy to see us and share his first day, which included that he didn’t like the snack.What was funny about his first week is probably only funny to us, because we know how picky he is about what he eats, while the other kids are loving the fun snacks, my kid is picking the chocolate out of a cookie because he likes vanilla, and didn’t eat the goldfish crackers, because they tasted like sausage (must have been pizza flavored).  He did have a great first week, he likes PreK.
                                                                        "  How cute "                  
                                              Sarah's daughter & oldest son in their school years
I asked Sarah about her older two children and what she remembers of their first day of school.  She said her daughter, and first child, was Miss Independent, ready for mom to give her a kiss goodbye and leave so she could go play with the kids. So much for big emotional moment with her first! I think she was like that on her wedding day too. Then there was her second child’s first day, her older son, he was more timid and shy, didn’t want to go to school, but smart so wanted to learn.
I remember on my first day of Kindergarten I cried, I didn’t want to let go of my mom. When they left  I was seated at a table with other kids and coloring pages. I reached for a crayon and a boy grabbed it and said “that’s mine”, I cried again.  My husband was child number four and says he missed the bus on his first day of kindergarten and his parents sent him with the neighbors to school, he said he remembers crying in the back seat  of their car the whole way. Awww!
So somehow years and years later that milestone in our lives, that first day of independence, The First Day of School, stays with us, if not ours, definitely our child’s.
Hope all of you whose child is starting school this year have sensational memories! Treat yourself, especially if you’re a mom, or a teacher, to a Scentsational,relaxing, stress relief, bath. 

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