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Friday, November 16, 2012

Scentsational Mommy To Be

Hope you all were able to view our youtube video on how to do a Scentsational at home spa pedicure. If not check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89G_zjLpmPE&list=UULi5R4yHhc6U6Mvtus4Q1gQ&index=1&feature=plcp You will see I am very pregnant, and we mention doing this blog. My pregnancy is coming to its finale! Now 38 weeks pregnant. I do believe I have had a by the book pregnancy. At least every time I felt a certain way, the baby center app on my phone would send me a text of how I could be feeling, and sure enough I would have just expressed that. Like I would say "I'm so exhausted", and I get a text- You are exhausted this week, make sure to go to bed early. 
So I thought I would share what helped me with some pregnancy 'woes'. Maybe you, or a pregnant friend or family, are experiencing the same things. Starting with the first few months, I could not handle certain smells, either gave me a headache or made me nauseous. Scentsational Soaps Almond Body Butter  was with me everywhere I went. When something or some one's scent bothered me I quick rubbed on my hands and even under my nose, so it was all I smelled. Ahh instant relief! Almond is just a comforting, non aggressive neutral scent, just perfect for every one's tastes. In fact, any one around me when I applied it would say "yum what's that?"  An added benefit is that body butter is great for dry skin, common to pregnancy.
Ok, so now more intimate. Hemroids, there I said it. But didn't have to cope with it, because Scentsational Soaps Honey Bee Naturals Propolis Healing Salve healed them. Done. Now moving on. Next unsightly bumps/pimples under my chest... boobs. So at this point your stomach has met up with your boobs and can get a bit warm, which can cause an irritation. What helps any irritation?  Propolis Healing Salve, if not gone the next day, then within a few.
Common fear- stretch marks, to help prevent them, make sure you moisturize daily any areas of weight gain, massage into skin liberally after shower/bath. I love the luxurious moisture rich benefits of Honey Bee Naturals Chocolate Honey Decadence Body Butter.
 Chocolate and Honey have powerful antioxidant, antibacteria and anti-aging properties which nourish, and moisturize the skin. Chocolate softens and rejuvenates skin while protecting skins elastin and collagen from free radical damage, leaving your skin with a healthy glow.
Speaking of a glow. Having finished my Scentsational Soap bar of soap, I reached for my  Honey Bee Naturals Royal Jelly Lemon Drop Omega-3 & Hemp Shampoo while in the shower and used as a body wash. Well, I am laying with my baby bump out to watch him move, and my tummy was so very shiny, it was positively glowing. Yes, when the description says 'helps bring back natural shine to your hair', it does. Amazing!
While you and your hubby are watching your baby move, hand him your Scentsational Soap lotion and have him rub your feet. Good idea, right?
Hope this helped fellow mommy to be's, and have given perfect gift ideas for your family or friend that is pregnant.
Would you like even more great gift ideas for your favorite pregnant princess friend? Here are a couple of our other favorite 'mommy to be' creative handmade unique gifts. How about instead of just sending or giving wash clothes, onsies, bibs, etc, why not send in a fun, creative, yet still practical, way?  Katherine's Diaper Cake Bakery at www.katherinesdiapercake.etsy.com , check out her shop now http://www.etsy.com/shop/katherinesdiapercake.

What if you are having a posh girl? I'm having a boy, but love to buy Posh Chicks headbands for every one I know who has a little girl! To check out her awesome, fancy, glamorous headbands, and more 'Like'  Posh Chicks on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/GlamGirlzHeadbands. Message right on her page what you would like her to create specially for you.
I would definitely encourage you to enjoy every moment of the truly fast time of your pregnancy, take good care of your health, your skin, write in a journal, make special time for you, and I loved having maternity photographs taken. If you live in the central Florida area and would like to use our photographers who took the pictures seen on this blog, contact us for their contact information. They are two young women, very fun photo session, natural comfortable poses, and reasonable.
We wish you the very best! Please share with us your favorite Scenstaional product stories.

Written By: GiGi 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons, Be Thankful

Lemons: Just looking at them brightens your day!

Did you catch the Dr. Oz show, air date Tuesday November 6, 2012? Dr. Oz said that lemon balm extract is a "natural and instant stress relief". They recommended drop in water as needed to have relief from stressful situation, can take a few times a day. Definitely want to try that. 
Why did our ears perk up when we heard that? Well who isn't looking for natural ways to relieve stress? Also though, because of our own personal experience with the lemon essential oil blend in our Royal Jelly Lemon Drop line.  
My dear mother has Alzheimer's and can get very agitated at times, as many who suffer with the disease do. After showering her hair and body with the Royal Jelly Soap, Royal Jelly Lemon Drop Omega 3 & Hemp Shampoo, Royal Jelly Lemon Drop Botanical Conditioner and then moisturizing her skin with Royal Jelly Lemon Drop Body Lotion, Royal Jelly Face/Body Butter on face, decollete', pulse points on back of neck and we used it on her hands/wrists. We, my sister and I, noticed a huge improvement in her demeanor. She was calm and relaxed for the evening.
Royal Jelly Lemon Drop is also calming for dry, irritated, or sensitive skin. Yes calming for mind and body. 
So our recommendations for stress relief and relaxation is the aromatherapy benefits, as well as soothing, smoothing, and moisturizing of our Royal Jelly Lemon Drop line. Just an added bonus is the shine from the Royal Jelly Lemon Drop Omega-3 & Hemp shampoo.
We always appreciate hearing about your experience, your stories, please keep them coming.

Royal Jelly Lemon Drop aids in:
* alertness
* contentment
* reduced levels of agitation
* essential oil blend chosen for the nervous system and immune system
* "sun downing"

Written by: GiGi