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Thursday, November 8, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons, Be Thankful

Lemons: Just looking at them brightens your day!

Did you catch the Dr. Oz show, air date Tuesday November 6, 2012? Dr. Oz said that lemon balm extract is a "natural and instant stress relief". They recommended drop in water as needed to have relief from stressful situation, can take a few times a day. Definitely want to try that. 
Why did our ears perk up when we heard that? Well who isn't looking for natural ways to relieve stress? Also though, because of our own personal experience with the lemon essential oil blend in our Royal Jelly Lemon Drop line.  
My dear mother has Alzheimer's and can get very agitated at times, as many who suffer with the disease do. After showering her hair and body with the Royal Jelly Soap, Royal Jelly Lemon Drop Omega 3 & Hemp Shampoo, Royal Jelly Lemon Drop Botanical Conditioner and then moisturizing her skin with Royal Jelly Lemon Drop Body Lotion, Royal Jelly Face/Body Butter on face, decollete', pulse points on back of neck and we used it on her hands/wrists. We, my sister and I, noticed a huge improvement in her demeanor. She was calm and relaxed for the evening.
Royal Jelly Lemon Drop is also calming for dry, irritated, or sensitive skin. Yes calming for mind and body. 
So our recommendations for stress relief and relaxation is the aromatherapy benefits, as well as soothing, smoothing, and moisturizing of our Royal Jelly Lemon Drop line. Just an added bonus is the shine from the Royal Jelly Lemon Drop Omega-3 & Hemp shampoo.
We always appreciate hearing about your experience, your stories, please keep them coming.

Royal Jelly Lemon Drop aids in:
* alertness
* contentment
* reduced levels of agitation
* essential oil blend chosen for the nervous system and immune system
* "sun downing"

Written by: GiGi

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