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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Favorite Food In Ghana, Africa

A little about FuFu with Soup by My Neice.

the bowl is fufu with soup it's made with a very hot spice we all ate out of the same bowl with our right hand and we pinch the fufu to break off a piece and dent it with our thumb to let some of the juice from the soup in than we swallow the fufu without chewing. One of my favorite dishes there. The fufu tastes plain the soup is what has the flavoring. Everymorning you will hear pounding which means someone nearby is making fufu. They boil casava and plantain than when mushy texture they pound it and turn it so till it's like a big ball of dough. They have a couple diff traditional soups that go along with it. Normally every family will eat this at least once a day.

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