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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Introducing New HoneyBee Naturals Essential Facial Skin Care Line

We asked, "Would you like Scentsational Soaps to create and carry a natural facial skin care line?"

You responded favorably, "Yes!"


We are excited to introduce our new addition to our HoneyBee Naturals skin care line! Our four step fundamental daily facial regiment includes: Propolis Neroli Essence Cleanser, Tropical Tamarind & Orange Toner, Royal Jelly & Vitamin C Serum, and Honey & Luscious Mango Moisturizing Cream. Essential and effective for all skin types. 
You've trusted Scentsational Soaps with your gentle skin for five years! You will now find that same tender care and satisfying results with our specifically designed primary facial line.
Made with love in Florida

Stay Scentsational! Bee Happy!


  1. Interest in mainly an astringent to dry up the red-brown discharge of red yeast from my white puppy's eyes:astringent + lavender are the essential elements of the best high-end cleansers that remove these tear stains naturally over the long term, while also addressing the earliest symptoms, hence, "nipping it in the bud". I know from a systemic perspective though, I need an auxillary defense for the immune system, e.g. to get my bichon's on an alkaline diet and maybe some product to naturally kill red yeast (/ex; colloidal silver or biotin+vitamin c+any enzyme to break down yeast fungi perhaps). I really want to try the Vitamin C serum with something powerful enough to use on a yeasty area of just under the eye--but absolutely not the eye itself,no, but rather the hair follicle that the discharge is affecting. Maybe Scentsational propolis cleanser in conjunction with Scentsational toner, might be a alternative for both skin and hair that is restorative, or at least not damaging and drying but that THOUROGHLY will be a really clarifying , and "scensationally clean" answer for this that I aims to do the above.

    1. Betty, I have had a vet using our products. It sure wouldn't hurt to try on your puppy. You could try our Propolis Cool Mint Body Wash too. We look forward to your order! Here is link to the body wash: http://scentsationalsoapsskincare.com/shop/propolis-cool-mint-omega-3-hemp-aloe-cleansing-body-wash

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