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Monday, May 24, 2010


HOW WE GOT STARTED: My son, Chad has a disability of Chromosome 15q and is global developmentally delayed. I home school Chad and wanted to do some hands on activities with him. We decided to do a fun project of making soaps together. Everyday after school we go into the kitchen to make up our soaps. The first thing I say is, Who is my Helper? Chad says, I am- I am your helper. Now he comes into the kitchen and says to me- Who's your helper? I say- You are Chad- You are my BIG HELPER! Chad loves to help me stir, add scents and pour into soap molds. Chad also has eczema and I knew that glycerin soaps are the best soaps for your skin and these have helped Chad with his eczema. Our family and friends are hooked on our soaps! We have a huge family and lots of friends who have allergies, sensitive skin, dry skin all types of problems and it has truly helped cleared their skin and keeps their skin soft and silky. GIVE SCENTSational Soaps A TRY! YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID! Check us out soon as we will be featured in the Orange Peel Gazette. We are also in the Spring Issue of the MIRROR, which is for parents with children who have Chromosome 15q. We have a BELIEVE soap bar on our site that for everyone sold $1 dollar goes to IDEAS for research. We hope you can help support Chromosome 15q. Thank you! Sarah- Owner of SCENTSational Soaps

You can send donations to:
IDEAS (Isodicentric Exchange, Advocacy and Support)
P.O. Box 568
Canton, MA. 02021

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